What Is Twitter Blue? It will be available on iOS for $2.99 per month

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It’s been almost a week since app analyst and reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong disclosed that Twitter is working on a subscription service called Twitter Blue that would offer a premium set of features.

Wong has already uncovered enough information to show that the service will cost $2.99 a month and contain a few features such as the ability to undo tweets. Twitter Blue is already available on iOS, and it costs exactly what Wong predicted.

After subscribing to the service, Wong, who has a stellar track record of discovering features on yet-to-be-released social media apps, has done some more investigation. The App Store listing for the Twitter app now includes a new in-app purchase, confirming the presence of the subscription service. However, the listing doesn’t go into detail about ‘Blue’ just yet.

The subscription service, on the other hand, offers a number of new features. To begin, Wong discloses in a tweet that Twitter Blue comes with a variety of colourful themes and unique icons to pick from. Switching to a different hue, as you might expect, changes the accent colour of the app to yellow, orange, red, or green, with purple being the default.

There’s also a “Reader Mode” that, presumably, works as a thread unfurler for those long tweetstorms. This feature isn’t available now, and it may become accessible in the future.

Twitter Blue will also provide paying customers with access to additional special features such as improved bookmark organisation tools and a “undo” button that allows users to remember tweets within a specific timeframe. In summer 2020, Twitter conducted a survey that asked users which app features they’d be prepared to pay for if any.

Wong previously stated that the Twitter team isn’t simply considering one premium tier. There will also be additional layers, with higher tiers providing additional functionality.

Image Credits: Jane Manchun Wong




Abhinav is an expert Digital Marketer, passionate about helping brands achieve their goals.

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Abhinav Ranganath Panyam Vuppu

Abhinav Ranganath Panyam Vuppu

Abhinav is an expert Digital Marketer, passionate about helping brands achieve their goals.

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